Yew Trees

We deliver Yew trees to homes throughout Sweden and have had ample experience with growing the best quality Yew trees since 1998. If you have any questions about transportation costs or want to order immediately, please contact us by phone on 0031(0)594-820228 or by sending an e-mail to We will gladly be of service to you!

Taxus Baccata

The most popular Yew tree by far is Taxus Baccata. A wonderful green Yew tree which grows breadthways as well as upwards, whereas Taxus m. ‘Hicksii’ grows predominantly upwards. Both types can be delivered quickly after 1 October. Yew trees in larger sizes (over 125cm) are very rare. This explains the big price difference between the smaller and larger sizes. We deliver the Yew tree in various sizes, from 50cm up to 225cm.

Undercutting Yew trees

All our Yew trees are undercut in September. We undercut the Yew tree because this makes it more resistant to transplanting (from our soil to yours), yielding a much stronger and more compact ball of soil. New root-hairs are produced, ensuring the best quality Yew tree with a strong ball of soil. We are always available for any questions about cultivation, species and the planting of your Yew tree!

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